photoshop actions, Black & White toning, lith, infrared, soft-focus, diffusion

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"1-Click" Photoshop Actions

 Adobe Photoshop is the de facto standard for image editing and deservedly so.

However with its ubiquity come complexity and sometimes it is difficult to do the find the right tool to do the "everyday" action.

To alleviate this a wide variety of Photoshop Actions are available that cover almost every conceivable possibility. Unfortunately these too can sometimes give the user too much choice in their operation.

To answer this drawback we have created the 1-Click Action Sets.

Currently there are 9 volumes available - all available for immediate online purchase and download.

The actions are tested on English language versions of Photoshop CS and CS2. They do not work with Photoshop Elements.

Action Station - Photoshop Action Manager

New - a version for Photoshop 7 is now included.

Please take a look at the the samples from the actions by clicking the links below.

Volume 1 - 1-Click Essentials & BW Conversion
Volume 2 - 1-Click Toning & Split Toning Actions
Volume 3 - Portrait retouching and effects
Volume 4 - Dodge&Burn/Soft Edges and 1-Click Sharpening Kit
Volume 5 - Graduated and 1-Click Effect Filter Kit

PS If you pass your mouse over the image on the left you will see an example of the FujiSlide action from Vol 1.


Download the 1-Click Action Guides in PDF format.

Volume 1 Actions Guide.PDF
Volume 2 Actions Guide.PDF
Volume 3 Actions Guide.PDF


For more 1-Click action samples click here

1-Click action site here

Photoshop actions Blog

Photoshop actions forum  

What our customers say:

"Anyway, on to the actions - they are absolutely superb! Clearly a huge amount of thought has gone into making these as simple to use as possible, and the price is absolutely unbelievable in comparison to the majority of other 'heavyweight' PS actions and plug-ins. The simplicity of the actions mean that I can spend more time taking photos, rather than wading through books wondering how to achieve a certain effect with CS2!"

"I have to say that I was dubious as to how good the actions would be, especially when I took into consideration the cheap price, but as I said in my previous email, they're absolutely superb. They certainly stack up against the set of actions I recently bought for £125 (I just wish I'd seen yours before shelling out all of that money!)." - Mark Tredgold

"Bottom line--they are excellent actions." - M.B.

"Thanks for the update. Have to say that I'm using the actions on pretty much every photo I process these days. In particular (and daft though it sounds), the colour cast removal has been a godsend. I shoot indoor ice hockey each week (, and the lighting in the arena can cause some dodgy greeny/yellow casts over photos. That action alone was worth the combined price of the entire set to me!"

"I already downloaded different plug-ins but I always find them to be a bit too much, but your actions are nice and subtle (I hope thats the right way to say it) Thanks again and keep up the good work" - C.V (Amsterdam)




photoshop actions, Black & White toning, lith, infrared, soft-focus, diffusion
photoshop actions, Black & White toning, lith, infrared, soft-focus, diffusion
photoshop actions, Black & White toning, lith, infrared, soft-focus, diffusion, lith, bromoil, old process, alternative, split-toning